Modern Window Treatments

Modern Window Treatments

When someone walks into your home what impression do they get about you and the way you live? An attractive interior design is important, and one of the most noticeable elements is that of your window treatments. Like clothing, window treatment styles age. Unless you want your home to look like a throwback to a different era, you need to keep up with modern window treatments.

What to Consider with Modern Window Treatments

Modern Window Treatments

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You can begin with the most functional consideration. These are the blinds or shades that regulate how much light is permitted entry into your room. While we will have pages dedicated to each option in other parts of the site, here are a few options to whet your window treatment appetite.

A popular choice is to have wooden shutters or blinds because wood offers a rich depth of character. For more versatility, though, you might want to choose a faux wood blind to give you the look, but with a more durable construction. They are strong, resist warping, and are very easy to clean. Besides looking great just about anywhere, they can even be used in areas of higher humidity like kitchens and bathrooms.

Then there are shades. Shades come in more options than you can imagine. Roman shades always provide an attractive look ranging from contemporary to elegant to extravagant. Their flexibility can adapt to whatever colors and styles appeal to you.

Or consider roller shades for their functionality and durability. They can stand on their own or hide behind draperies or integrate for a completely coordinated look. And solar shades come into play if you want to protect your furnishings, antiques, or artwork from damaging rays from the sun.

The Fashion of Modern Window Treatments

As we move beyond the functional elements we get to your choice for draperies, valances, and associated hardware.

The trend in draperies is to layer textures and materials with decorative trim and even beading. The sky is the limit here as the number of fabric choices, colors, textures, and prints can be combined in nearly infinite variety. There’s no reason your home has to look like anyone else’s (unless, of course, you want it to).

Once you have your drapery fabrics in mind, you can consider your valances. Valances add a finishing touch to your window treatments. If your windows are short or positioned low in a room, valances can add extra height. They can coordinate the colors of your draperies with that of other room furnishings. They can add an element of interest, or even surprise, to your overall visual effect.

Finally, consider the hardware. I remember my first apartment out of college thinking, “Where can I get one of those white metal bars to hang a curtain?” And then I discovered there were options! There are rods in a variety of colors and thicknesses made from many different materials. What you choose will upgrade or downgrade the whole effect of your previous choices.

Consider the rods, the rings, and the finials. Do you want a more decorative look, a classic look, or the modern look? These elements enhance the details.

Next Steps for Your Window Treatments

This website is dedicated to modern window treatments. I have attempted to assemble a variety of resources for your viewing pleasure. Browse the pages of this site and included links to learn more so that you can have the best of modern window treatments in your home.

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