Achieve The Window Of Your Dreams

It is always a fun experience when you renovate a room. But the enjoyment is multiplied if it is the whole house you are planning to redecorate. Canvassing new sofas, picking out spacious cabinets, selecting the wallpaper and flooring and adding a little touch of personality and character to the design are just a few of the many other things you will have to think of. With all those hustle and bustle, the very one thing that is of great importance but only gets the least attention are the windows.

Let us say you are going for a clean and casual look. It is suggested that you opt for simple curtains with shades that are tie-up in style. A box pleated valance that is hung over a blind could also be good. If you are aiming for a more formal look then you can go all out with long drapes, pleated panels and sheer fabrics. However, one must not set aside function in order to pave way for style. If you can put it together then that would just be dreamy.

When you talk about function, you touch the areas of light control. You placed those curtains there in the purpose of shielding the things inside the room from too much sunlight. Some carpets and furniture are light sensitive. You would not want those things to rot immediately. Window treatments are also placed to provide privacy. Of course you can open it up during the day to welcome fresh air and natural light. But come the night or intimate events within the home, long drapes with roller shades would come in very handy. Lastly, think about safety. If you have kids running around or grandparents who walk small steps, then long drapes would be out of the picture. It could wrap the children around or it could be slippery for the elderly. It is also an attractive chew toy for pets if ever you have one at home.

There are numerous window treatment styles out their available at your expense. It is the manner of handling your windows the right way. From putting it up, choosing the borders and finally the style that you want to obtain. The windows may come off as a tiny part of the huge room but for your information, it is actually the one responsible for making the entire place look put together.


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