Any ideas about what I could use to make a RUSTIC, unique shower curtain for my bathroom?

Question by KristenCO: Any ideas about what I could use to make a RUSTIC, unique shower curtain for my bathroom?
I’ve just redecorated my bathroom to be very RUSTIC. (We live out in the sticks, so it’s appropriate.) I’ve painted it earthtones, and all of the new fixtures are in old barnwood or twig. The soap dispenser is an old Mason jar, etc. For me, the better. I’m trying to think of a great, rustic idea for a shower curtain. I used burlap in another room, so I don’t want to use that again – any other ideas? Ideally something I could use for window treatments would be nice, too. I’ve thrown around the idea of doing a patchwork quilt-looking shower curtain, but I’m not sure if that’s rustic enough.

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Answer by swbiblio
You have some really creative ideas. I think that you could do a patchwork quilt shower curtain, you just have to choose the right fabrics and design in order to get the rustic look. For this, the “right” fabrics would include homespuns (woven plaids, checks or stripes) and muslin, both relatively inexpensive fabrics. You have two options with the homespuns – either cut everything very carefully to keep the lines straight, or deliberately cut them very noticeably off grain. If you do this, you expose bias edges which are stretchier than the straight of grain. Try foundation piecing it (also called “paper piecing”) if you do this, as that will help stabilize the fabric. A log cabin block is idea for your project, because it can be foundation pieced, it is fairly easy to make, and it is a rustic design. If you use muslin for your foundations, you can just sew the blocks together without any batting or backing. You need to fold the muslin from one side over the joining seam between blocks, tucking the raw edge under, then appliqué it down.

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