Any tricks for cleaning mini blinds?

Question by remember me?: Any tricks for cleaning mini blinds?
I know I should just get rid of them, they are out of style, but I have so many windows and have only been here for a year, I am taking my time with decorating and window treatments. So does anyone have any tricks for cleaning these things? They are so old they are metal mini blinds.

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Answer by Josie826
I throw an old quilt down on my back deck and get out the hose and make up a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft scrub brush. I then take the blind down off the window, lay it on the old quilt, wet the blind down and then soap it up and scrub it with the brush, both sides. I then hose it off. I pick the blind up and tilt it sideways until the water drains off and then take it back to the window and hang it up. If you want, you can wipe the excess water off, but usually tipping it sideways and giving it a little shake gets most of the water off. I can clean all my mini blinds in about an hour. I have 7 in my house.

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