Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathroom Window Treatments

While there is an array of window treatment options available in the market today, the trickiest room to get right is still your bathroom. Privacy is crucial, but you have to take into account certain factors such as natural light which, more often than not, people prefer.

Finding the perfect bathroom window treatment is a total pain in the neck. It requires the ability to pick the right components that would drastically have a say in the whole decorating process.

bathroom window treatments

your bathroom window treatments can create a relaxing atmosphere

In the course of opting for the right bathroom window treatment, see to it that it is chic and nice-looking, while making sure that you also keep in mind your family’s specific needs.

It should complement the look of the bathroom décor and also meet your standards, privacy-wise. Ventilation is also significant in a bathroom, so window treatments must not obstruct the airflow.

Bathroom Window Treatment Options

Bathroom window treatments vary in sizes, colors, patterns, materials, and styles. But choosing the right ones depends largely on your personal situation.


Curtains are never out of fashion when it comes to window treatments. They scream class, versatility, and when used correctly, truly improve the overall look of the windows of the bathroom. Albeit the fact that there is a ton of options for curtains, there are only a few that would actually meet the demands of a bathroom window.

The bathroom is pretty humid so this could radically modify your choice of curtains as some fabrics are prone to mold and mildew growth. Consequently, it is essential that a bathroom curtain is highly resistant to moisture and water. The fabrics that are used in bathroom curtains are usually water-proofed cotton, polyester, and synthetic materials since they limit water absorption.


Drapes are often used merely for embellishment, but they are equally effective in providing practical use. Since they are typically made of strong, heavy and thick fabric, they usually offer sufficient privacy that is required for bathrooms. Drapes are usually intended for larger bathrooms with larger windows.


If you are looking for a bathroom window solution that can be moved around with no trouble, then shades might be the best choice for you. They can be effortlessly lowered or raised using a cording system. Furthermore, selections like Roman shades, balloon shades, and pleated shades paves way for the creation of different moods in the bathroom.

Roman shades have the classy feel and clean-cut design. Balloon shades are practically like the Roman shades. The inverted pleats, however, assemble at the bottom of the shade which gives off a romantic aura.


Simple yet elegant, the perfect description for blinds. They give sufficient privacy while providing a flexible design that could easily be harmonized with the fundamental stuff found in the bathroom.


If privacy is not really that big of a deal, valances could come in handy. Their purpose is mostly to hide the hardware of the curtain, drapes or blinds as a finishing touch.

Window treatments are used to insulate heat and cold, provide privacy, and filter light. Above all, treating windows is deemed as an art. And you should hold to your artistic standards even for your bathroom window treatments.

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