Bay Windows At Your Home

“Windows are to a room as a pearl necklace is to the throat of a woman. They both set off the other” Windows available in the market today come in an array of sizes and shapes. They also have many different functions to offer. They allow air and light, give privacy, and provide visual beauty. Bay windows are one of the most sought after type of window treatments.

Bay windows are considered as an architectural enhancement in any given space. They tend to create an illusion of a larger interior, considering they are usually projecting out past the exterior wall.  Three sided bay windows with two side windows returning to the wall at a particular angle are the conventional types. They allow a significant amount of light to creep in and also paves way for a great view of the outside world.

Bay windows call for a special kind of window treatment. They usually don’t look out in a private or secluded place, but when they do, the nature of treatment would be pretty basic. They only have to blend with the rest of the décor.

Typically, bay windows look out into the public, and they require a more meticulous and special treatment. Some ideas for the windows treatments to be used include window blinds, window shades, valances, and window curtains.  The window treatments to be used must be beautiful and functional at the same time.

You also have a vivid imagination when using the space given by the bay windows. Given that there is enough light, it’s a good idea to have an indoor plant. Additional accessories like a large vase will make the room even more put together.

Like the name implies, the box bay window is shaped like a box, with the side windows being perpendicular to the exterior walls and the circle bay is semi-circular in shape.

Interested in having bay window treatments installed? Go over this blog and see more ideas.

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