Cleaning Your Windows

Just as eyes are the windows to the soul, the windows are the eyes of our homes. That said, it is necessary to keep them in their greatest condition. They should have no defects, dust, grime, dirt, and whatnots. Clean houses impress visitors. In this article, you will learn the ways in maintaining your windows through proper cleaning procedures.

First, get a spray bottle and pour club soda in it. Spray it on your windows and wipe them clean. Include the glass, too. You can use a clean rag or paper towel for wiping. Then, you fill a water vinegar solution into the same bottle after finishing it. The water and vinegar are of the same amount and shake it well so they mix together. Spray it again on your windows and wipe them clean. Afterwards, dip a squeegee in water so you can use it to clean your windows. You can also get mildew and mold remover for dirt that are hard to get rid of.

Next thing you can do is mix two cups of baking soda with just the right amount of water. You will make a thick paste with it, which you can use to coat the window ledge. Let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes, and then have it rinsed and use a soft rag. Go for circular motions to avoid streaking the windows. Rinse it using the vinegar and water solution again to get rid of residue, as well as disinfect the windows

Make sure to clean your windows at least every quarter of the year. If it gets dirty more often than usual, clean it at as often as you can. It doesn’t matter whether you have single-hung windows or double-hung windows with sash windows. Maintaining your windows is a must.

Cleaning is not the favorite thing of many. However tiring it could be, we should still keep in mind that cleaning our windows has its benefits. If you don’t, they will deteriorate more quickly.