Custom Curtains

Custom Curtains

Custom curtains can play a significant role in beautifying and personalizing your home.

Custom Curtains

Typically when talking about curtains we are referring to lightweight, unlined panels of fabric that are suspended from a rod by tabs, rings, or rod-pockets. Sometimes the term curtain is used interchangeably with draperies.  In the window treatments industry there is a distinction, but it’s OK if you allow the lines to blur a bit.

But so that you know, draperies will typically move on a traverse rod while curtains are pulled back by hand.  Draperies will stack neatly (whether you pull a string or use a variety of motorized options), while curtains can be held back by ornamental hardware or tied with a decorative cord.

You can use curtains to add visual interest to a window and add a splash of accent color to a room.  They can start at the top or above your windows, be floor length or stop at the window sill. They can even be used to cover just the lower portion of the window to allow natural light in through the open top part of the window.

Change Your Custom Curtains Throughout the Year

With custom curtains you can can swap out fabrics during the year, change valances, and otherwise dress your windows to match your mood, event, or season.

For example, to add a finishing touch to your room, use a drapery panel that flanks existing window coverings with sheer gauzy curtains.  This will enhance a Spring or Summer look.  In the Fall or Winter you can switch to heavier fabrics which adds the benefit of a layer of insulation around your windows.  For the holidays you can even switch up to brightly colored, sparkly, or shimmering fabrics to enhance the mood of celebration and excitement.

If you want to tie everything together, use a coordinating valance and add some matching pillow throws.

Selecting Your Custom Curtains

As you can imagine, since there are thousands of fabric choices available, the look you choose can reflect your unique personality and that of your home and its furnishings.  By using drapery panels you can choose to project an image that is soft and romantic or one that is crisp and contemporary. You can choose to block external light completely or allow it to filter in.  You can select curtains that pleated, flat, or billowy.

Custom curtains can be your secret weapon to setting the mood you want to achieve.  Plus they can be quite reasonably priced.  With such an assortment of fabric qualities, styles, and designs you can find something that will perfectly match your tastes and transform the look of your home.