Different Window Blinds For Your Precious Home

Window blinds are used if you’re rooting for intimacy and privacy for the home. The best thing about this is that you have control over the amount of light coming through. Window blinds have different kinds. Read on to find out what those are.

Slat blinds
These blinds are composed of several horizontal slats connected together with the use of a string so as to rotate it easily. Lights could enter the slats, so you should rotate it up to 170 degrees. If you want the window cleared, just pull the string and it goes up.

Venetian Blinds
Introduced by 1770 in Venice where it derived its name from, Venetian blinds are made out of plastic or metal or even wooden slats (called bamboo or wood blinds). The size could vary from 50 to 120 mm.

Mini Blinds
These blinds are basically Venetian blinds that have slats sized at 19 to 24 mm.

Track Blinds or Vertical Blinds
Such blinds make use of metal horizontal slats or perhaps plastic that could be rotated 90 degrees to permit some light to enter. They could also be flattened on the side if you want to clear the windows.

Strong Blinds
Strong blinds are often referred to as window shades. These blinds, unlike Venetian blinds, could not be rotated.

Holland Blinds
Holland blinds, also known as roller shades, could be moved by means of pulling down.

Woven-Wood Blinds
The slats that are used here are composed of eye-catching bamboo or wood that could be weaved together with the help of multicolored yarns or just about any ornamental material. Such type of blinds can be folded out or even rolled up. These blinds are energy-efficient and they have good light control. Woven-wood blinds can also be a good alternative to shutters.

Pleated Shades
Pleated shades are made out of fabric tones that you can pull up to the window top.

Cellular Shades Or Honeycomb Shades
Cellular shades are much like pleated shades. However, there are two or more pleats that are connected so as to catch air for insulation purposes if you want to cut down on your electricity.

When you set up the blinds, make it a point that they are not blocked to be able to suspend them conveniently. Have these blinds match you window. They can be cut and tailor-made, just measure the length and width of the windows before doing so. You can even put them inside your bathroom. Window blinds are always a great choice if you want natural light to come through and if you hate prying eyes from the outside.

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