Discover Simple And Elegant Window Treatment Hardware

A home that’s well-designed is a haven for relaxation and sharing many wonderful moments with family and friends. When architectural elements, down to the smallest details, are in place, dwellers feel highly at ease, while visitors depart with a nice experience. The impression of order and serenity can reach a person on a conscious and subliminal level. The main rooms of a house — notably the living room, dining room, and bedroom – may be transformed into fresh and inviting areas through carefully chosen furniture plus tasteful tabletop accents and window treatments. Window treatments can add elegance and style to a house. They can be a secondary focal point, next to the basic furniture pieces. When dressing up your window and choosing hardware, consider not just the style of your room but also its height and size. Choose light and small window treatment hardware for a small room with a low ceiling, and large, heavy hardware for a big room like the living room or master’s bedroom.

To veer away from boring or plain windows, you can play with fabric in the window dressing, and use harmonious colors and patterns to achieve the desired effect.

Even small or narrow windows can create visual interest with the right choice of hardware and accessories. If you’re decorating a somewhat formal room, choose rods that are artistically styled or decorative. Invisible and lightweight hardware may be fine for a contemporary and minimalist look. Go for window treatment hardware that will enhance your window décor style. For a modern bedroom, you can add a sleek and elegant touch with a steel curtain rod (with round finials) holding a layering of sheer and heavy drapery (on the sides). Bedrooms and living rooms with a French country style or rustic design may be accented by black wrought iron drapery hardware. Decorative iron hooks installed in the ceiling or iron rings that clip to the top drapery in sheer fabric, coordinated with a table with graceful aluminum legs and bedposts can look alluring in a young lady’s room. A wooden curtain rod with round finial is also suitable for a simple and cozy country home. A wooden rod (with symbolic shaped finials on each rod) may also be used for colonial style windows with Italian silk drapery.

Other types of window treatment quite popular among homeowners who want to enhance their homes are blinds, shutters, and shades. Modern wooden blinds in fashionable colors can lend an entirely unique perspective or heighten a room’s warmth and elegance. Cornices, boards which are often covered in fabric, may be used to give a window a finished look. Whatever window treatment hardware you choose, make sure that it’s coordinated with your draperies/panels. Some hardware may look inconspicuous, like hooks attached on the topmost part of a wall where valances may be placed. Hence, large windows and doors may be opened and closed without having to move the treatments. For arched windows, lovely curtain holdbacks may serve as perfect hardware for swag curtains. There are also curved curtain rods available at hardware stores for uniquely shaped windows. Indeed, there several fresh, interesting, and fabulous window treatments and hardware in stainless steel, wood, stainless steel, ceramic, or wrought iron.

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