Do curtains convey with a house purchase in Texas?

Question by milf: Do curtains convey with a house purchase in Texas?
We sold our house and at signing the realtor said the buyer wanted all the curtains back. They are NOT custom sized to the windows. They are very taste specific. The red ones in the living room I bought to match my couch cushions and rug. The kitchen curtain matches my rugs and dishes. The bedroom curtains are the same fabric as my comforter set. Every window has custom fit blinds, which we of course left.

They also want the bronze rods and holdbacks for all the windows. Do we have to give them all our curtains?

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Answer by Steve D
The rods are considered attached, so they convey. Curtains and tie backs usually are not attached, so unless you made arrangements during the contract period to convey them, they go with you. Your realtor should know that.

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