Door Window Panel Coverings

Door panels are typically composed of two rod pockets to fit over rods at the top and bottom of the door. This is actually advisable, considering it would imply that you can open and close the door sans the curtain swinging or getting trapped in the door.

These panels are available in various colors and fabrics, they include those with patterns. They can blend with any d├ęcor. You can go for sheer fabrics that will allow more light to seep through, while heavier materials come with more privacy. Majority of styles can either cover the door fully from side to side or be pulled together in the middle with a matching tie-back.

Another kind is one that you can raise and lower much like window shades. At daylight, you could pull the shade up and let it stay there without getting in the way with tabs that were attached for such purpose. Come nighttime, you can release the tabs and allow the shade to come down and cover the window. There are shades like this that have self-adhesive closures that you can use to attach to the door at the bottom when they are closed.

If you have French doors or a door with sidelights at home, you can opt for matching door panels to separately give coverings for each of them. These ones are made to fit standard sized doors and sidelights, and by separately buying each panel, you can buy them to fit whatever configuration you have. These door panel window covering sets will make your doors look amazing while giving you more privacy.