Help needed on Winter Window Treatment?

Question by Karen0925: Help needed on Winter Window Treatment?
hi everyone, I live in an apartment complex that doesn’t turn on their central heating system until late November. I get cold really easily and bought a portable radiator last year. While it does warm up my one bedroom apt, the electricity bill went up really high.

I know there’s a sponge-like tape that you can stick around the window panes that’s supposed to block some cold air.. what is this stuff called and where can I get it? Would this help?

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Answer by Alan
The stuff in the link is probably what you’re asking about. It’s a plastic film that you install with a double sided foam tape, then heat with a hair dryer to make it transparent. You can get it in the hardware department at most stores, Wall Mart, Lowe’s, and Home depot all carry it. It works very well for windows that have a noticeable draft to them, though the correct method would be to insulate and repair the windows. Landlords (in general) are not noted for their willingness to repair problems though, so for *about* $ 2 per window, this should do the trick.

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