How do you frame a stained glass window panel without blocking image ?

Question by A d: How do you frame a stained glass window panel without blocking image ?
Stained glass panel is 37.5″ high x 23.5″ wide. Will install it as part of a window treatment (incorporated as part of a custom-made window). Will not be suspended and needs to be framed prior to incorporating it to the window itself. Thanks for your prompt response !

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Answer by Knowitall

To answer this a glazier like me must know:
What you are doing with the piece of glass specifically ? Did you have new windows put in ? The existing windows, are they dual or single payne ? Do you have a aluminum or wood frames there now & which would you prefer. I take it this is a type of picture window or very large bathroom window ? To give an answer I got to know what your doing. You can have a very thin frame however you will have to sacrafice atleast 1/4inch of the glass all way round to have a secure window. Glass is made sturdy by rubber on frame.

Now if you mean it needs to be a dual payne ? Take the window to a glass shop that makes insulated windows or energy efficent they call them. They will needs whats called an overall measurement which is the thickness the glass should be for the frame/setting. They will make you the unit w/ whatever glass you choose for the other side.

Best to call a glass company/glazier for the best outcome on whatever your customizing. Carpenter or framer will not deliver what you want.

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