How much fabric do you think I would need to make these curtains? ?

Question by Sky: How much fabric do you think I would need to make these curtains? ?
II’m making curtains for a window about 30 inches wide and 27 inches long, but they want me to make the curtain to drape over the air conditioning unit that is inside the window. How much extra in length, and how much overall do you think i’d need?

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Answer by imadriana
You didn’t say how far the a/c juts out or how big it is, but all you need to do is to take a simple measurement. Just take a measuring tape, start from where the curtains will start, then drape the tape over and below the unit to where you want the curtains to lie.

You’ll want to make the two curtain panels the same length, so that when the curtains are open they will still look nice. A rough estimate, if this is a small window unit, will be that you will need an additional yard in length. If the fabric you are using is 60 inches wide, you will need two panels that are both four yards long – a total of eight yards of fabric.

This measurement is for a window treatment that has a top and bottom hem that has a total of about eight inches. Depending on what type of curtains you are making, you will have a little too much fabric, but you won’t waste much.

If you are using fabric that is only 45 inches wide you can still make the curtains using the same amount of fabric but you won’t have enough to make pleats and use hooks. If you are planning on pleating the fabric, you’ll need to add a couple more panels.

I hope this helps! Remember, measure twice and cut once!

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