I’d like some opinions on window treatments for my patiodoor?

Question by mojo: I’d like some opinions on window treatments for my patiodoor.?
It’s a 9 ft. long sliding door to my back patio. Since we installed a doggie door (specially made for patio doors) my house seems colder. The window treatment I have now is not helping keep out drafts but I like the look, they’re vertical blinds. My husband is telling me we need heavy drapes. We use the patio door a lot & I don’t think drapes would look right. I also don’t like the fact that the heavy drapes would block out the sunshine too much also & they look formal. Anyway, I’d like some opinions……thanks

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Answer by Ragnarok
A solid fabric material will provide the best insulation.
They don’t have to be velvet-type heavy to provide
insulating properties.

Some of the synthetic materials can provide draft
protection and still be lightweight.

If you use multiple panels, it is easier to work with,
and clean, especially with a pet brushing up against
them. There are solid, synthetic curtains or panels
that do not look like shower curtains.

You can also use a sheer behind the curtains to allow
light in, block drafts, and provide a little insulation when
you open the curtains to allow light in.

A light color that is treated against stains and water
would reflect light from the room, to avoid the

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