Manual Roller Shades VS Motorized Roller Shades

They say home is where the heart is. I reckon that the reason behind that saying is that people pour their care, efforts and time into building the house of their dreams. Who can blame them right? Nothing beats coming home to a place where you are comfortable with, where you sleep in the softest bed, where you remember memories by just looking at every corner and by feeling very safe within the four walls of the house.

These square shapes on the walls seem to be worthless to many.  However, the truth of the matter is that it is actually the one responsible for adding personality and characteristic to the whole house. Window treatments are becoming a trend these days. And a part of that are window roller shades. This can be installed so as to complement the window itself. It can help in energy consumption as well as in providing privacy. Once you have decided to get a roller shade, then you are now ready to move up to the next level. Decide on what type of roller shade to use.

One are manual roller shades. From the name itself, it is a typical one that uses a spring system with a tug at the bottom that you can push and pull. It also has a built in knob that you can roll close and open. The second option are the motorized roller shades. It works with an on and off mechanism through a switch or button. This is typical used for hard to reach windows such as those that extend from floor to ceiling. This is also suggested for homes who have kids running around ever so often. It has three main categories namely solar type which are see through, decorative type with trendy designs and blackout roller shade that provides total darkness.

Undeniably, the façade of the home is vital. It is the very first thing that a visitor would notice. But wouldn’t it be nice to surprise them with a warm welcome brought about by the insides of the home? Yes that is right. It is a common knowledge that a home would always have sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets and shelves. Aside from that, the most neglected and yet one of the most important of all are the windows.