Need suggestions for window treatment for glass sliding doors.?

Question by lynn b: Need suggestions for window treatment for glass sliding doors.?

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Answer by Sharon W

Take the curtain rod all the way up to about two inches away from the ceiling. This will elongate the window/doors and make it look more elaborate. Do the width wide so that the window treatment can be opened wide enough to allow use of the doors. If one side does not open …you could design the window treatments to push to one side as well. I would leave room on both sides to be able pull the window treatments far and away from the window to allow light to flood in when you so desire.
You could use a cornice board covered with padding and fabric to add the height to the window. You can play with lots design ideas.

Use a subtle yet uniform design to avoid a very plain look …or a very wild look. Something with some texture would be nice as well.

I would go to the local fabric store and pick out the fabric that matches your kitchen best. Have a seamstress come measure the window and help you make a cornice board.
Buy the curtain rod before you buy the fabric to avoid spending more money than necessary.

You may want to buy a small piece of fabric, bring it home. hang it up on the wall. Look at it for a while and live with it to see if you really like it before buying enough to do the whole window.

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