Nice Window Covering Ideas for House Decoration

You can consider having window covering for privacy. Choose the right covering that can fit with your budget, style, taste, and need. You can also consider about the brightness that you need in your room because each material has different intensity in preventing direct radiation.

1. Bedroom
Opaque blind is a perfect choose for bedroom window cover. For better opacity, you can choose fabric blinds or rigid horizontal blind.

2. Living room
You can prefer to have window cover that offers less privacy. The interior design of your house will be visible from outside.

3. Kitchen
It is better to have easy to maintenance cover. The recommendation for kitchen window cover is wood blinds. It is a lot better to have more rigid blinds for easy cleaning.

4. Bathroom
Get waterproof horizontal blinds for your bathroom because it is the best material for bathroom need.

The trend of window covering today is the minimalist model of covering.

Draperies are loaded with tassels and fringe to make the window looks good. If you are into minimalist decoration, you can choose bamboo blinds, Roman blinds, and other short of things.

One of the most popular cover is the exquisite gossamer sheers. It is a nice model with printed or embossed patterns. Velvet is another popular model for drapery. Sheers is very nice especially in brown color. You can also have long pleats for great decoration. Another fashionable decoration is draperies with grommets. Floor-length draperies are great to make the window looks amazing.

For children room, you can choose fun patterns to make the room livelier. Animal spots are great to make the room looks fun and comfortable. Your children will be happy to have such decoration.

Ceramic, metal, glass, and wood are popular for tie-backs, rods, and finials. They are like the jewelry of window curtain. You can use those materials as the accessories of window cover.

From all of the ideas above, I hope that you can make some changes for your windows. Having good-looking windows are very helpful to release stress and make the rooms feel comfortable.

You can use exterior window shades to make the windows look nice. They are also good in preventing direct UV radiation. I recommend you to have electric window shades for easier operation.