Problem with french doors window treatment?

Question by kar: Problem with french doors window treatment?
Hi, I have two french doors that are together. Only the right door opens. The left side does not. I have 30 inches of wall on the left side but none on the right side. I need to draw curtains only from the wall on the left. I would like to install grommet top drapes that I can draw for privacy at night. Can someone tell me what kind of rod I would need, and where to place it I have 12 inches from the ceiling to the top of the doors. Hope someone can advise me. Thanks

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Answer by marys.momma
Have you considered using narrow-slat Venetian blinds that fasten at the bottom of the doors as well as the top? They can still be adjusted for privacy, but they don’t flap around. We have that arrangement on our French door and it works just fine. It has the advantage of allowing us to open the door slightly at night to let in fresh air, without a curtain billowing.

If you like the curtain look, but don’t want a loose curtain, you could hang a decorative curtain along the wall next to your French doors. It would not open out, but always be gathered up closed.

If this wouldn’t work for you, you could go ahead with your full curtain idea. I would suggest adding one of those clear plastic pull rods to the top of the open side of the curtain, so nobody has to grab the fabric and pull it out of shape or get it soiled.

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