Q&A: Decorating a house that is easy to clean?

Question by Joy Totheworld: Decorating a house that is easy to clean?
Outside and inside. Furniture and just general suggestions?

I’m not lazy. I have (diagnosed) CCD. Although I am receiving treatment, it would just make my life a lot easier, if my future house was easier to clean.

Any tips, advice and suggestions would be awesome. Thank you in advance <3

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Answer by mycathouse
Floors: Hardwood floors and tile floors are very easy to keep super clean, much easier than carpet. If grout gets your panties in a bunch, consider using vinyl sheet flooring in your kitchen and bathroom. It doesn’t look as nice, but is very easy to maintain.
Decor: Add color with nice, easy to dust framed pictures/paintings/prints rather than a lot of little knicknacks. A few easy to wash throw pillows can really spark up a room in place of other harder to clean decor. Avoid plants, both real and plastic, as they get very dusty and cause issues with watering and dirt. Jazz up a focal wall with wild wallpaper or paint to give your room pizzaz instead of cluttering things up with a lot of separate decorative items.
Bedroom: Make sure your comforter is washable, as are any throw pillows. Avoid hard to dust blinds in favor of rollershades, which when up disappear under the window treatments, so don’t worry how they look. I actually used kits from a fabric store and extra sheets that matched our bedding to make gorgeous rollershades…so easy to dust!
Furniture: Avoid furniture such as wall units with open shelves that get really dusty. Choose furniture with glass or wood doors instead. Make sure your a/v equipment is either behind glass doors or wire so you can keep it in a closet. (We just did that…it’s awesome!) Avoid glass tops on your tables, as they have to be cleaned constantly because they show every fingerprint and speck of dust. Make sure to have lots and lots of easily washable coasters around if you or others in your home like to carry drinks around. Don’t even think about buying rattan or anything with a woven texture…you’ll never feel like it’s clean. If you’re buying a glass curio cabinet to keep trinkets dust free, really check to make sure the cabinet seals well enough to do that, or you’ll be pulling everything out weekly to dust the shelves etc, and it defeats the purpose. Leather seating is awesome. Wipes clean 1-2-3 no matter what you spill on it.
Appliances: Avoid stainless steel appliances at all costs…they get fingerprints on them and will drive you nuts. Buy the largest washing machine you can fit and afford so you can fit comforters and pillows in there.

Outside: Avoid wood shingles or wood siding. Newer, upscale vinyls look great and wash down with a hose or power sprayer. Avoid windows with mullions (dividers) which give the windows a paned look. These are a pain to keep clean. Modern casement windows just wipe right down. Gutters will keep the rain from splattering mud and mulch up the side of your house, if you’re in an an area where that’s a problem. Choose outdoor furniture that does not require cushions and can be rinsed off with a hose or power washer.

Hope this helps for starts!

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