Q&A: how to measure for window treatments?

Question by piattro: how to measure for window treatments?

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Answer by AirBaby
You should measure both inside the casings and outside and make a note which is which. It really depends on what you are getting and ultimately personal preference. Always measure from where the treatments are going to hang. For cafe curtains, you will need to measure the top and the midpoint. In some houses these will be different. Not by much, but it will give you a better idea for rod sizes.

Curtains are usually hung from the outside and most rods are adjustable. Some people hang their blinds or shades from the inside of the window. I personally think it looks neater that way.

If you really want to go easy and especially if you are renting, I recommend getting pressure rods that require no nails or screws. You have to measure from the inside for these, but they are simple and easy to take down when you move.

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