Q&A: I am having a hard time finding some window treatments?

Question by LuvLife: I am having a hard time finding some window treatments?
I am looking for WHITE (not antiqued, or ivory) curtain rods for panel curtains. I need a 4 Ft and a 8Ft. I am having so much trouble, if you can please point me in the right direction. Looking for something that won’t break the bank!

Also any ideas for a window in a bathroom. I was thinking of a roman shade, can you use blinds with these or no

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Answer by XinaMarie
I had the same problem finding rods and ended up making my own. I needed something sturdy to hold the weight and looks like you are in the same situation. At 8′ you can buy a rod at the local home improvement center and cut it to size then paint it. The finials can be attached at the ends, also purchased there. Then arms can be purchased and painted to hold the rods. Total cost is about $ 20

Windows in a bathroom can be a pain. Buy a privacy film and install it on the glass that way you can keep the light during the day….at night, a roller blind can be pulled down so as not to give the neighbors a shadow show.

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