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Question by reconnermom: Large window treatments?
I am moving into a new house and would like some suggestions on how I can dress some very large and odd size windows in the Florida room. I would prefer shades of some type instead of curtains. If shades are not possible I would prefer curtains over blinds. I would love to have some bamboo shades but cannot think of a cost effective way to get them right now. I’d have to order custom. I have a budget of around $ 150. Even if I make or find curtain panels work to the right size, I do not think I could get one big long curtain rod so I wouldn’t have to have gaps between the panels.How would I make it consistent?I would also like to have something that looks at least decent and not just like it was thrown up there.The window sizes are as follows:
window 1 is 13′ W (156″) x 5′ H (60″)
window 2 is 113″ W x 62″ H

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Answer by thewrangler_sw

You might consider some version of a ‘Roman’ shade. Check out this link for a few good ideas – http://terrelldesigns.com/howtomakeromanshades.htm

As to a curtain rod long enough, you can always head to your local hardware, or building supply store. You can use copper, or some other pipe. With a large window like that, you could easily use an ‘oversized’ pipe diameter, and it would still look good over the window. Shorter lengths of pipe can be joined by using coupling sleeves, or inserts, to make longer sections.

Valances are a nice way to trim off the top of a window. You can make them yourself, with a few simple tools, and they can be very complex, or simple in design.

Here are some other links to check out –
Images search for ‘roman blind’ – http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=A0geu._hjrpIXSgA3GBXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&p=roman%20blind&fr2=tab-web&fr=slv8-msgr
Curtain rods – quite a few selections in wood, and they’ve got a coupler, to join lengths to make them longer – http://www.countrycurtains.com/sdx/H24728.jsp

Vertical blinds are always an option too, though, to get them the size you need, you’d almost have to go with a custom supplier.

Now… if you’d like something VERY strong, and easy to assemble, then I’d suggest steel pipe, with threaded fittings. You can purchase base flanges to screw to the wall (be sure to locate the studs), you can use short lengths (right off the hardware shelf) to create the distance you need from the wall itself, and even T-fittings in the middle to add more support, and allow you to use shorter lengths of pipe. For a 13ft wide window, I’d use at least one center support, perhaps two. Once the pipe has all been assembled, you can even paint it. Either leave it exposed, or put a valance over it.

Speaking of valances – Ive made quite a few commercially, using 1/4 inch hardboard, up to 1/2″ plywood. They can be straight, shaped, padded, etc. The cloth can usually just be stapled to the backside.

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