Q&A: need some suggestions for window treatments in nursery?

Question by julie: need some suggestions for window treatments in nursery?
What do I do about privacy? I kind of wanted to try to get some panels and a shade, just so it looks finished, but will that be to much? Also what color panels would you recommend? I was thinking pink?

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Answer by Laura M

Let me contribute the cheap answer, (you need to save those pennies!) If you buy a basic white, plastic roller shade, they are very easy to paint, stencil or stamp. The design on your bedding is quite simple, and you could find a similarly shaped flower stamp at any craft store. You could either cover the shade with alternating pink flowers, or do a row at the bottom. It wouldn’t overwhelm the room with pink, would be very cute with the valance, and if it got broken, it would be no big deal to replace. (I’m talking about the shades that attach inside the window frame, and have no cords.)

Hope all goes well with your little one’s arrival.

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