Q&A: Oversized Foyer Window Treatment?

Question by Stacey S: Oversized Foyer Window Treatment?
I have a large window above my entryway door. The window faces west and we want to install a covering that will block out the sunlight. If I install drapes, do they have to extend all the way to the floor, or can they stop at the base of the window? We have double doors and the window is basically as wide as the doorway, nearly as tall as the doorway and has an arched top that is not a separate window. We want to cover the entire window and also have a window covering that will allow us to open the window as much as possible.

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Answer by llittle mama
I would use PVC pipe for a curtain rod, and make the curtains to fit just the window itself. If it is possible to use a tension rod you could do that.

If it is a really big window how about a shower tension rod and paint it what ever color you want .

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