Q&A: Sliding glass door window treatments…please help?

Question by Amy D: Sliding glass door window treatments…please help?
We are building a new home, we are now doing the window treatments. We have hardwood floors and a very light neutral color on the wall. We went to the store to order our window treatments and she suggested we get the closest color to the WALL color for our sliding glass door treatment that is located in the kitchen. And to also use the same color for the window above the kitchen sink. Oh these are vertical blinds for the sliding glass door.
We just need some ideas or better yet if this is the best way to do this? Thanks!!

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Answer by SueyN
It sounds like that person has no imagination or no interior design ideas. For my slider I put antiqued cream wide slat venetian blinds with brown fabric ribbon/tape which runs vertically. I got them at Home Depot and there is a wide selection of colors for these tapes and you can coordinate it to go with anything in that room. They look great and I am having a padded cornice made for the top in the fabric of my choice. I wanted privacy in my kitchen/dining room, but I also wanted the sun. These blinds are just the trick. The only down side is that if you use that slider door a lot you do have to raise the blinds each time or keep it raised for a period of time. It works for me and you don’t see my dog’s nose marks with the blinds in place. Vertical blinds are sort of passe now. At least that’s what I have been told. The padded cornice will match the kitchen window or be a coordinate fabric.

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