Q&A: What kind of window treatments can I do for really tiny windows?

Question by .: What kind of window treatments can I do for really tiny windows?
The windows are in my bathroom on the largest shower wall so a curtain is a must. The windows are not flush with the walls, there’s about a 7″ box/legde. They are 14W” x 36L”. I was going to make some roman shades but I need them to be washable, usually they call for dowels and other wood. Also I have no way of putting hardware in because I’ll be going into the window frame itself.

Here’s what they look like:

Close up of the top…the only wood is the ceiling part and the sides:

What can I do? I’d rather make my own instead of buying. (I’m a seamstress so this is definitely do-able)
Yeah, we have a bit of a strange layout for our apartment.

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Answer by dngrzdmn

An hour glass shape on each window or 1/2 a swag on each pane, a panel hanging on the wall in the middle would give the illusion of a bigger window. Use 1 rod for this.

I think your best bet wood be a stick on-not the frosted glass but kind of stained glass effect, not covering the whole pane. The punch of colour will look fantastic against those white tiles and there is minimal maintenance, cleaning and mildew.

Make sure your linens and accessories pick up/contrast the colour in the pattern.

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