Q&A: What window treatment situation would you suggest on two close windows?

Question by Stephanie Roynestad: What window treatment situation would you suggest on two close windows?
I have three “standard” windows in my living room. I haven’t measured them, I can’t find my tape measure, but they are probably 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall. Two of them are close together (with maybe an inch or two between) and the other one is by itself, all on the same wall. What would you suggest I do about curtain panels and rods? I don’t know if there’s enough room on the two windows that are close to use two rods. Would it look funny with one LONG rod? If I did one long rod, should I use just two panels, one for each window, or four panels, two for each window? I was planning on doing two panels on the one window by itself. I am really not good at style and decor! We’ve had nothing but $ 2.99 blinds on our windows for 3 years!

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Answer by Sword Lily
One long rod on the two windows would look fine. The closer you put the rod to the ceiling will make the window look larger. Myself, I would probably use sheers because I am not a fan of drapery. I would fill the rod with a bunch of coordinating color sheers. Use whatever colors match your decor and hang them alternating, antique white and beige, for example. Or pick two colors that are opposites from your decor like purple and white.
If you need privacy at the window, hang bamboo blinds.

This pic shows what I mean by hanging the colors alternating only i would do this all the way across the rod.

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