Q&A: Window Treatments for a sliding glass door?

Question by cmljsd27: Window Treatments for a sliding glass door?
I have a sliding glass door in my dining room that does not get used at all and I was wondering if It would be ok to take down the plain blinds that are there now and decorate it with regular panels and a valance. Or maybe put a valance up now and leave the blinds with it. I am really bad at window treatments! Any advise would be helpful. Thanks!

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Answer by keezymama
Yes you can put up normal curtain on your sliding door – plan on having the curtains hang in front of the wall on either side – rather than the glass – this makes your glass look – bigger – but also makes it so if you want to open the door the curtains are not in the way. You might want to consider either a traverse rod so you can close the curtains or still having a blind mounted behind the valance so that you can close of the opening for the purposes of privacy or to darken the room.

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