Streak Free Window Cleaning

If you have tried cleaning your windows by yourself, then you must know it’s harder than you thought it would be. You will find that there are many blemishes and marks ending up on the window no matter your attempts to do a meticulous job. In worst case scenarios, it can even turn out worse.

Streaks are one of the things to worry about. It will look like you have something sticky running down the surface of your glass. Maybe your windows have marks, but if the product that you opt for will leave large ugly streaks down your glass then this is going to give you a hard time.

Moreover, your windows are the only part of your home that you are able to see from both inside and out. Meaning, if you clean your windows in a certain method that would leave streaks, then you don’t only destroy the way your window looks for people who see it from the outside world, but also in your eyes.

That is the main reason why you should consider the streaks. What causes these to begin with? Water leaves what is known as a water mark. Other things can bring about the streaks, too. They involve those that use the wrong cleaning product not meant for windows, or when you have too much of the product and not enough water. If the product tends to be very soapy, you are bound to have sticky windows. Thus, they are more likely to collect dust and other debris.

A professional service is sure to give you streak-less windows. After all, they have all the right tools and experience. You can always do it yourself, considering you follow some significant tips. First, see to it that you have the best product and follow the instructions of how to use it properly. Then, leave it to soak before you wipe it off with the use of an arching movement. After which, wipe with water and then a dry and clean cloth.

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