Suggestions for Contemporary Window Treatment for Palladian window.?

Question by nonna_barbara: Suggestions for Contemporary Window Treatment for Palladian window.?
I have 2 windows plus a door to my lanai in my 3rd floor FL master bedroom. One of the windows is a large Palladian window. I am totally stumped on what window treatments to use on the windows. I have beautiful water views that I want to be able to see. The only reason for a treatment is privacy in the evening and heat reduction in the summer. I do not need a covering for the door (plenty of privacy).

My decorator wants me to install 3″ Plantation shutters. My furniture is a mix of antiques, including a canopy bed. Floor is porcelain tile and I will be hanging lots of original rather contemporary artwork.

I don’t want the window to take over the room, plus I feel I need something softening due to hard flooring and mostly dark wood furniture (cherry, mahogany, pine, walnut, etc). I have allergies so I can’t add area rugs or anything that will catch a lot of dust.

Does this sound impossible? I would love to hear ideas for unique window treatments.

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Answer by M1Lithium
The plantation shutters look like the best/most common solution, probably because it will work. Do the Shutters have to be dark wood? Could they be painted? Or Even Faux painted, they could even have a mural on the face that appears when they are closed, even a mural of the View out the window.

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