Suggestions for Window Treatments?

Question by kweenie97: Window Treatments?
Oh my….well I just tried to hang a window scarf in my home office and it looks AWFUL! I mean seriously bad. Does anyone have any good suggestions for window treatments? It needs to be something light weight. I just spent an hour wrestling with the curtain rod to get it installed and I’m not about to take it down. I really would rather not hang blinds in here either. It’s a smallish room….just 10.5 ft x 12 ft and this is the only window in it. The window itself is almost 5ft wide by 3 ft long. The room is painted Behr Athenian Green and I have kind of an Asian zen/natural feeling going. Any ideas would be great. Thanks!

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Answer by Michelle L
how about bamboo shades?
They are very inexpensive and you could hand 2 to fit your window.

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