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Window treatments over blinds that can’t be removed?

Question by Janis: Window treatments over blinds that can’t be removed?
My new apartment came with those cheap plastic blinds on the windows, and we’re not allowed to take them down, not even if we put them back up before we move out. I really don’t like how they look, and I was thinking of just rolling them up all the way and putting something over them. Are curtains my only option, or would it be possible to put something like a roman shade over the blinds without it being too bulky?

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Answer by Sarah J
I think curtains are the only option really. I had the same problem. I pulled the blinds ALL the way to the top, so they are barely visible.
Then I took one of those curtain rails that has a spring in it, and hung some curtains from there. No holes in the wall, more privacy and I like the look better.

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Can’t Fail Window Treatments

Can’t Fail Window Treatments

Everyone knows that changing the window treatment in a room is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to update a look–whether someone can go the custom route or is a limited budget that requires creative thinking with readymade options. Homeowners who are tired of their interiors can fresh them up and add style for a little or a lot. But both groups have one important thing in common: they must choose the right window treatment for their needs, their pocketbooks, AND for the space itself. 

Once they are ready to shop–for a one-of-a kind look or for the perfect readymade design–Can’t Fail Window Treatments should be tucked under their arms. ItÕs the latest title in the popular CanÕt Fail series, which offers a professionalÕs point of view and expertise in a specific design area. In Can’t Fail Window Treatments,author and interior designer Nancee Brown, ASID, shows consumers how to bring mistake-proof sophistication and style into their homes with the right look. 

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