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Revamping Your Windows

Gone are the days when windows are mere openings to ventilate the room. They can be artistically designed now to give oomph to your humble home. Interesting ideas for home treatment that suit your discriminating taste used to be hard to come by, but not anymore.

Tacky drapery designs are so five minutes ago. Today, you will see more stylishly framed window that give elegance to your home décor. Window treatments are also beneficial for your pocket in a sense that you get to control the sunlight that comes in. That way, you control the temperature inside your house, thus lowering your utility bills.

Woven wood shades for your windows that are composed of natural materials are extremely attractive. They come in an

array of styles and colors. They give your humble abode a refreshing makeover.

Give your windows a touch of chicness with classy trims, beaded details, and glossy hardware. Floral prints that are tastefully blended with the elegant look of fabrics like suede, velvet, silk, and wool will give a stunning look to your windows.

Many people nowadays put a premium on the environment, so recycling is always put to practice now. Stained lace curtains or used lace table cloths could look sensational if you dye it with the liquor you extract from tea leaves. You will be able to come up with colored curtain with a creative touch, and not to mention, personal touch.

Blinds will always be a reminder of the old world charm. Wooden blinds that have old fashioned look to them are still in style as homeowners still go crazy about the warm tones of the wood. Plus, they go along well with the rest of the décor.

Those depleted old curtains can still be resurrected by putting some silk floral garland which matches the rest of the interior in the room. Stained glass wind chimes or stained glass panels could be an excellent option if you want to alter the color of the light that seeps into the room.

Window treatments are treated as treasure by many homeowners nowadays. They are picked meticulously to complement the home decor.

A lot of new trends are in the market today, and they all offer a unique way to bring a creative edge to your room. Heed some of these window treatment tips, and make your home a comfortable and eye-soothing place to live in.

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Posted by Sarah Moore - May 21, 2014 at 8:27 am

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Spicing Up Your Window Treatments

Windows are said to be the eyes of the home. It enables you to see the outside world while making sure it gives your a stylish appearance to the home’s exterior. These ideas will be helpful in giving oomph to your current window treatments.

Button embellishments beautifully emphasize your window treatments. They give your conventional window treatments an edge. Sewing retailer or craft stores have an assortment of beautiful buttons. You can find different styles, themes, and colors. Opt for ones which completely blend with the drapery colors in the room. Put these button embellishments several inches apart toward the bottom of your window treatments, and work your way up.

On the other hand, vintage dresser scarves give elegance to your window treatment. They used to give protection to the tops of long dressers. However, they can now be transformed into a scarf valance. The length makes it ideal, and they give a chic vibe.

To be able to get the vintage dresser scarf, you must install a posh café rod. After it’s installed, play around with how you can drape or wrap the scarf in order to come up with a nice-looking valance. You can buy vintage scarves from resale shops, consignment shops, and at yard sales.

Glass beading also makes a great window treatment option. You may utilize glass beads to come up with your own window treatment. It is available in almost all discount or craft stores.

After choosing the beads that catch your fancy, creating the window treatment will be simple. You just have to use heavy invisible thread or fishing line and string the beads onto the thread. It should be long enough for your window. Have each beaded string hung from a cafe rod. Continue making strands of beads until the bead curtain is wide enough to be put on the window.

Apparently, window treatments should not always be prepackaged and ready-to-use. These are just some ideas you might want to take into consideration in sprucing up your windows. Squeeze out your creative juices and create customize looks that suit your style.

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Posted by Sarah Moore - May 14, 2014 at 9:26 am

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The Beauty Of Window Treatments

Window treatments, whether it be shades or blinds or curtains, are a staple in houses. The right ones never fail to give your interiors justice. They don’t only enhance the home space but they are also efficient in controlling the amount of light that enters the room along with the privacy it can provide you.

There are tons of window treatment styles to choose from these days. Personal preferences are the main factor in buying one. Also, you must never forget that when choosing window treatments, they must aesthetically blend with rest of the décor found in the room.

Interior decorating magazines will help you and give you no non-sense ideas. It will also help you learn about the new trends and stuff. Furthermore, you can estimate ahead if the window treatments you are eyeing is in your budget.

If modern designs catch your fancy, environment-friendly options will do you no wrong. Such window treatments include those with natural fabrics that are available in assorted colors and patterns. They are eye-catching even with minimalistic decorations.

With bedrooms, elegant and luxurious silk curtains or drapes. Rooms with windows reaching the floor can have light-colored sheer fabrics for a cooling and soothing effect. This can help in preventing sunbeams from coming through yet paves way for enough air circulation in the room. Deep-colored silk curtains give off a romantic vibe, while heavy satin and velvet drapes are the best bet for a cozy atmosphere.

When it comes to dining room, chic and intricate window treatment styles are your best bet. If you have floor to ceiling windows, heavy drapes will give instant beauty and oomph to the space.

Different homes require different window treatments and so do different parts of the house. Some window treatments tend to be pricy so we must always be meticulous before finally buying one.

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Posted by Sarah Moore - May 5, 2014 at 8:44 am

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How To Make Your Own Shutters

Window roller shutters definitely makes the security in your home look noticeable to show probable robbers and burglars how serious you are safeguarding your house. Window roller shutters will give you protection as well as the reassurance of an attractive-looking house. Here’s a tutorial on how to make shutters.

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Posted by Sarah Moore - April 29, 2014 at 8:58 am

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Bathroom Window Treatment Options

There are tons of window treatments available in the market today, but one of the trickiest rooms to decorate is the bathroom. Privacy is crucial, no arguments there, but you have consider other factors like natural light which people often look for. Finding the perfect bathroom window treatment can be totally hard since it requires the skill to choose the correct components that would radically affect the entire decorating procedure.

In picking the right bathroom window treatments, make sure that it is stylish and appealing while but also take into consideration your family’s specific needs.

It should balance the look of the bathroom décor and also meet the standards of the privacy needs of the family. Ventilation is also important in a bathroom, so it must not hinder the airflow.

Bathroom window treatments have different sizes, colors, patterns, materials and styles. But choosing the right bathroom window treatments depend mainly on what it’s gonna be used for.

Curtains will never go out of style. They are classy, versatile and when used properly, can really enhance the appearance of the bathroom windows. Despite the many options for curtains, there is only a few that would truly meet the demands of a bathroom window.

The bathroom is normally moist so this could drastically change your selection of curtains as some fabrics are prone to mold and mildew growth. Therefore, it is essential that a bathroom curtain is very resistant to moisture and water. The fabrics used in bathroom curtains are typically water-proof cotton, polyester and synthetic materials since they limit water absorption.

Drapes are often used purely for embellishment but they are just as effective for practical use. Since they are typically made up of strong, heavy and thick fabric, they usually give enough privacy that is required for bathrooms. Drapes are generally used in larger bathrooms with larger windows.

Shades, on the other hand, could be effortless to use. It can easily be lowered or raised using a cording system. Roman shades give off elegant vibes and have neat designs. Balloon shades are basically just like the Roman shades. The inverted pleats gather at the bottom of the shade which makes it look romantic.

Straightforward yet pleasing to the eye, one of the ways to describe blinds. They give adequate privacy while having designs that can easily blend well with the other elements in the bathroom.

If privacy is not really that big of a deal, valances might work for you. Their general function is to hide the hardware of the curtain, drapes or blinds as a finishing touch.

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Custom Window Treatments

In beautifying a house, furniture and interiors are essential to get the look and feel you are aiming for. But without the window treatments, it all just isn’t enough. They just give oomph even to the dullest and most boring space. Not only that, it can give you the privacy you want and some window treatments even have features that diminish noise from the outside world. Other window treatments also permit temperature regulation inside a room. When you are on the hunt for the perfect window treatments for your house, there are things you should know and keep in mind.

First, recognize the sole point of their instillation. Is it for privacy purposes? Do you want it to help you regulate the room temperature without having to turn on the airconditioner or the heater? Or is it going to be there for aesthetic reasons?

If you want to tone down the noise that is getting through from the outside, then you should consider getting wooden blinds. Just be sure to do some research just so you know the pros and cons, not to mention the costs of having it.

But if you find wooden blinds pretty expensive, then you may want to go for faux blinds. They aren’t too different from the real deal but you can get them at a much lower price. You can find ones that are made of plastic and even fabric, just know beforehand your planned budget.

You may also want to consider custom window treatments especially when decorating your children’s rooms. You can customize it in a way you know your children will love. This enhances the look of the room and the bonus you get is the entertainment of your children.

These customized window coverings give customers freedom to choose and experiment according to their wishes. You can even use them for window panes and doors. In addition to that, you can bid farewell to loose window coverings. Custom window treatments can give you privacy and insulation that you are looking for and you’re secure that it’s built the way you had wanted them to be.

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Bay Window Curtains

Bay window curtains are rather similar with normal curtains but they are usually thicker and heavier. A lot of them are made with materials that reduce sound coming from the outside. Those materials can be either plastic or fabric.

These kind of curtains are usually used for privacy purposes. Aside from the privacy it can give, you can rest assured that your living room décor’s beauty will be given an oomph it needs.

Bay window curtains are a great way to give you privacy in your home, while at the same time providing you with a great look that matches the décor of your living room.  It can give your space a regal and imperial look effortlessly.

If you find the proper bay window curtain, you can enjoy the sufficient amount of sunlight coming through. And it doesn’t even steal the spotlight away from the window itself, it just magnifies it even more.

Before, people draw curtains just so they can become invisible to the outside world. Now, it is often used in beautifying our homes.

People usually have a hard time finding the perfect bay window treatments, or at least ones that suit their homes. But if going to the stores is too much of a hassle for you, you can always go online.

Always make sure that you give a touch of your own personality into the bay window curtains that you will be having, because you’re the one who’s gonna see it every day anyway.

Give enough time and effort because it surely pays off. If you’re gonna use unflattering curtains, you better yet leave your windows bare instead.

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Do Your Windows Need Curtains?

You can tell curtains and draperies apart simply because curtains are  not lined, composed of lighter fabric, and manipulated using sliding tabs, sewn tunnels, or rings along a rod. Draperies, on the other hand, are typically lined, have thicker fabric, and manipulated using a draw cord device that connects to the fabric with hooks.

Curtains are usually designed with sheer or lace curtains on a rod at the back of draperies to screen the view from the inside and the outside of a room. You can also draw a half-curtain over the bottom part of a window if you’re looking for privacy while the remaining part paves way for light entrance or a view of the outside.

Majority of homeowners choose curtain designs that do without draperies. As a replacement, you can make use of other window treatments like valances, bottom curtains, or even tie-back curtains. These curtain styles and designs can give off a vintage vibe with the help of classic ruffled white sheers or you can get that country feel with creamy muslin. If you love the modern look, you can have contemporary panels with big metal grommets that thread onto the rod and give off a columnar effect by means of pushing the panels to the sides.

If you are rooting for the thermal effectiveness of pleated shades or the efficiency of blinds in controlling light, but you’re not a big fan of the ‘Spartan’ feel it gives off, modify it by using curtain panels on each side to somehow give it a softer look. You can also put a cloth or covered-wood valance from corner to corner. Or, you can utilize swag curtains that cover delicately above a rod and fall shorter on one side than the other. You can choose the color of your window treatments in accordance with other décor in your house, such as the throw pillows.

Always remember that it’s your place you’re decorating so don’t easily get intimidated by change. From time to time, come up with something different for the look of your home and make your windows more attractive. Curtains will absolutely help you to achieve that goal.

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Window Treatments Can Increase Home Value

You should always give attention to window treatments. Any professional will give you this advice. They can add wonderful appeal to your home, increase the resale value and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Poor selection will do otherwise.

Quality is key when choosing window treatments. Durability and ease of maintenance come next. Additionally, consider if it can help your house’s energy efficiency, of course while making sure it paves the way for total control over the amount of light that seeps through to your house.

Your window treatment must be pleasing to the eye and blend well with your décor. One of the best would be faux-wood plantation shutters that are available custom-made in several colors and styles. Match them with soft window treatments to give a head-turning look and elegance to your home.

As you redecorate or revamp your house, each detail should be given attention. They all add up to the value of your house, for that matter. Selling your house might not be in your radar for now, but it may be in the future.

If you are willing to make informed choices that improve the look and functionality of your home long-term, you can boost its value and enhance its marketability. Custom-made faux-wood plantation shutters can help you with that. The elegance and long-lasting durability it offers make them a great choice for your window treatment.

In the modern day’s real estate market, it is a must that your home comes with elements that boost its chances to be sold and help retain its value. As you try to improve your house or replace worn out features, always consider the value each item adds to your home. A beautiful, well-maintained house will help maintain its value over the long haul and become a stronger investment.

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How Bamboo Roman Blinds Will Make Your House Prettier

Many of us today are leaning towards using bamboo roman blinds. And the reason why they use it? It’s pretty basic. They claim it’s fun to work with them in prettying up the windows.

Another thing that people particularly love about it is that maintaining these bamboo roman window coverings is almost hassle-free. You need not worry about messing up your house since cleaning them just needs some wiping.

Bamboo roman window treatments are available in different colors and shades so you know you have tons of options that can deliver to your discriminating taste and so that you are guaranteed that you’re using window treatments that will mix well with the rest of your house décor.

Roman blinds that are composed of bamboo can be bought in myriads of styles, from small matchstick style to basic flat blinds that are pretty much the same with the traditional blinds. But before you choose any style or color, try making use of sheets or cloth that are of the same color in order to help you imagine or give you even a slight idea how the blinds will look when put up on your windows.

If you want to give your bamboo window blinds that elegant feel, put on some bamboo valance and tie the edges with a pretty cloth to get that more sophisticated feel.

Bamboo roman blinds are popular for the fact that they are lightweight and installing them is actually so easy you can do it yourself. Since these woman blinds are made out of bamboo, it allows some sunlight to enter a little bit since complete blocking of the sunlight is not very healthy.

Nevertheless, if you want total light control or complete blackout during the daytime, you can put on some thick and heavy curtains at the back of the bamboo blinds.

With some creativity, you can make a very attractive home space. If you want to give oomph to your house and want to give it a healthy look along with a trouble-free maintenance, opt for bamboo roman blinds.

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