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Cheaper Window Blinds

In the world of window treatments, blinds never fail to create a buzz. Truth be told, curtain and blind are the two most sought after window coverings. The beauty of curtains can never be forsaken, though. They have given our homes some loveliness over the past few years. But today, more and more are opting for blinds.

They are equal when it comes to being functional. They protect homes from unwanted sunlight and prying eyes from the outside world. The main differences, though, are the maintenance cost and well, the preferences of a certain buyer.

Window blinds are typically composed of four different types of materials, namely metal, fabric, wood, and synthetic ones. Such materials are utilized to come up with varying types of blinds such as shutters, roller blinds, horizontal and vertical blinds, and Roman blinds. The materials used in blinds greatly influence the price. Natural materials are typically priced higher than artificial or synthetic ones. Say, faux wood blinds are relatively cheaper as compared to real wood blinds.

Indeed, natural materials have a different kind of allure. However, maintaining them requires more effort on the part of the homeowner. Cleaning, polishing, and preventing scratches or any type of damage to your real wood blinds can be such a hassle. We all live busy lives, and we can’t put so much precious time dwelling on our blinds.

Faux woods are actually scratch-resistant, and real wood, more often than not, doesn’t have this feature. You can also place them anywhere you want to, even in bathrooms, because they typically resist moisture, something real wood is not capable of.

This is just to give good reason for the making use of top down bottom up shades instead of the ones made out of original material, but are similarly skillfully built. Also, when you use low cost blinds, a scratch or two will not bother you as much as a little scratch on your real wood blinds, since you know by heart how it drained your pocket.

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