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Curtain Design and style?

Question by GuReiSU: Curtain Design and style?
i have a list of deisgns here like Glass curtain and Drapery, Drapery with valance and swag, glass curtain w/ valance, roman shades and draperies, drapery and comice and double window treatment…
what are the differences of those?

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Answer by Kathy P
Check out the Smith and Noble website. They have a lot of information and a photo gallery where you can see some pictures of these items.

I’m not sure what you mean by “glass curtain”, but valance and swag; valance; and cornice are all treatments that go over a drapery usually at the top. The first two are considered soft treatments and the cornice is usually fabric and batting wrapped around a wood piece that adheres to the wall with brackets. You can find kits to make a cornice out of styrofoam or foam board.

Double window treatment I can only think means that you have say sheers under drapery panels.

Roman shades under draperies usually mean the draperies are stationary – they don’t open or close, and the roman shade provides the privacy and blocks light.

They all provide different looks and would be used in different styles of decorating (i.e. drapery with valance and swag might be more traditional where a roman shade and drapery could more contemporary/casual).

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