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Home Staging Tips For Your Window Treatments

Heed some of these home staging tips for your window treatment!

Go for light, airy treatments. Choose fabrics that are translucent, particularly for shades or sheers. They give you a certain level of privacy, sans completely blocking out the natural light and the view from outside world. If you happen to have a great view of the backyard, or other natural scenery, you want to highlight that to prospective buyers, so stay away from opaque or dark curtains or blinds as much as you can.

Neutral and contemporary fixtures are a good choice. For you to be able to appeal to as many distinct tastes and preferences of prospective home buyers, you want to go for window treatments that are modern and least distracting. Large thick curtain rods, or heavy cornices and valances may appear bulky and so 5 minutes ago. Clean lines that have minimalist designs look fresher and more modern. Loud designs and prints, such as animal type designs, zebra lines, polka dots, or floral prints are not very ideal for home staging since they are only good for some people’s taste but distracting to the rest.

Pre-packaged window treatments are ideal choices. Sewing or starting your own DIY projects for curtains and panels can a heck lot of fun, but not everyone has the spare time in between your day to day responsibilities and other home staging and selling matters. It is easier to visit your local home décor and improvement stores. Such retailers typically have packaged window treatments and décor available that you can buy and install all by yourself.

Blend into the general theme of the home décor. The best\ window treatments will go with the rest of the theme or décor of the rest of your house, rather than hogging attention. If you are going for subdued pastel hues for your living room, for example, window treatments should be light and quiet also, sine anything bright would be visually jarring and distract people who get to view them. Strike a balance between the colors and hues, and zero in on it.

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Posted by Sarah Moore - August 7, 2014 at 12:38 pm

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How To Decorate Windows For Dummies

If you are in the field of engineering, architecture or interior design then decorating would come as no challenge for you. As an engineer, you build buildings; as an architect you design properties and as an interior designer, you create the insides of these buildings and properties. It is like the life you live in and the air you breathe in. You have studied it and have managed to master it. That is good for you then. But what if as simple as decorating a window would seem like the most complicated thing to do in the whole world. What a pity to that person. But let as change that person’s destiny and turn him from a beginner to a pro.

First of all, before starting a project you must understand the purpose. Window decorations are not just simple designs. It is considered as one of the most vital of all interior home designs. It says a lot about the room and the personality of the owner. Because it is important, there are a lot of treatments for windows to choose from so you can style it however you want. Next is to decide how much lighting you want to enter the place. You can choose a design that will allow a great view of the outside or you can opt for a more covered one so as to provide dim and privacy. There are available blinds, curtains and drapes to choose from. Once you have made up your mind, you can now begin taking measurements of the windows. Do you want it to be large and be the focus in the room or you want it simple but classy. You have to also keep one theme as a target of your project. You can go from traditional, modern, country or minimalistic. Having a single motif will allow you to make everything in sync when it comes to the color scheme and the materials used.

After all these information has been laid out in front of you then you are always welcome to look into design magazines as well as internet web sites. You will find a lot of tips and even steps on how to begin. You can do it yourself and be free to do whatever you want. Or you can hire an interior decorator who can make things possible for you. Either way, you will end up having the perfect window that will be far looking from what a first timer can do.


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Posted by Sarah Moore - May 2, 2014 at 4:56 pm

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Different Window Blinds For Your Precious Home

Window blinds are used if you’re rooting for intimacy and privacy for the home. The best thing about this is that you have control over the amount of light coming through. Window blinds have different kinds. Read on to find out what those are.

Slat blinds
These blinds are composed of several horizontal slats connected together with the use of a string so as to rotate it easily. Lights could enter the slats, so you should rotate it up to 170 degrees. If you want the window cleared, just pull the string and it goes up.

Venetian Blinds
Introduced by 1770 in Venice where it derived its name from, Venetian blinds are made out of plastic or metal or even wooden slats (called bamboo or wood blinds). The size could vary from 50 to 120 mm.

Mini Blinds
These blinds are basically Venetian blinds that have slats sized at 19 to 24 mm.

Track Blinds or Vertical Blinds
Such blinds make use of metal horizontal slats or perhaps plastic that could be rotated 90 degrees to permit some light to enter. They could also be flattened on the side if you want to clear the windows.

Strong Blinds
Strong blinds are often referred to as window shades. These blinds, unlike Venetian blinds, could not be rotated.

Holland Blinds
Holland blinds, also known as roller shades, could be moved by means of pulling down.

Woven-Wood Blinds
The slats that are used here are composed of eye-catching bamboo or wood that could be weaved together with the help of multicolored yarns or just about any ornamental material. Such type of blinds can be folded out or even rolled up. These blinds are energy-efficient and they have good light control. Woven-wood blinds can also be a good alternative to shutters.

Pleated Shades
Pleated shades are made out of fabric tones that you can pull up to the window top.

Cellular Shades Or Honeycomb Shades
Cellular shades are much like pleated shades. However, there are two or more pleats that are connected so as to catch air for insulation purposes if you want to cut down on your electricity.

When you set up the blinds, make it a point that they are not blocked to be able to suspend them conveniently. Have these blinds match you window. They can be cut and tailor-made, just measure the length and width of the windows before doing so. You can even put them inside your bathroom. Window blinds are always a great choice if you want natural light to come through and if you hate prying eyes from the outside.

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Posted by Sarah Moore - April 28, 2014 at 8:21 am

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Custom Window Treatments

In beautifying a house, furniture and interiors are essential to get the look and feel you are aiming for. But without the window treatments, it all just isn’t enough. They just give oomph even to the dullest and most boring space. Not only that, it can give you the privacy you want and some window treatments even have features that diminish noise from the outside world. Other window treatments also permit temperature regulation inside a room. When you are on the hunt for the perfect window treatments for your house, there are things you should know and keep in mind.

First, recognize the sole point of their instillation. Is it for privacy purposes? Do you want it to help you regulate the room temperature without having to turn on the airconditioner or the heater? Or is it going to be there for aesthetic reasons?

If you want to tone down the noise that is getting through from the outside, then you should consider getting wooden blinds. Just be sure to do some research just so you know the pros and cons, not to mention the costs of having it.

But if you find wooden blinds pretty expensive, then you may want to go for faux blinds. They aren’t too different from the real deal but you can get them at a much lower price. You can find ones that are made of plastic and even fabric, just know beforehand your planned budget.

You may also want to consider custom window treatments especially when decorating your children’s rooms. You can customize it in a way you know your children will love. This enhances the look of the room and the bonus you get is the entertainment of your children.

These customized window coverings give customers freedom to choose and experiment according to their wishes. You can even use them for window panes and doors. In addition to that, you can bid farewell to loose window coverings. Custom window treatments can give you privacy and insulation that you are looking for and you’re secure that it’s built the way you had wanted them to be.

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Posted by Sarah Moore - March 24, 2014 at 8:22 am

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Blackout Blinds – How to darken your room

There are times when you just want or need to sleep during daytime, and it’s kind of hard, impossible even, with the sun ever so angry seeping through the window hitting you directly in the eye. This could be a remedy to that problem.

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Posted by Sarah Moore - January 31, 2014 at 12:09 pm

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Create Window Treatments You Could Only Imagine

Window decorations are not just simple designs. It is considered as one of the most vital of all interior home designs. It says a lot about the room and the personality of the owner. Because it is important, there are a lot of treatments for windows to choose from so you can style it however you want.

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Posted by Window Treatments - November 19, 2013 at 10:24 am

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Homey Elegance with Window Treatments

There are a lot of things you can do to add to the elegance of your windows. If you don’t make use of valances or cornices, the hardware of the curtain will be obvious. However, if you use beautiful curtain rods, it will just contribute to the elegance of the curtain even when the hardware is exposed.

Aside from the curtain rod, you can improve your curtains even more when you make use of decorative rings in attaching the curtain. Copper or Bronze plated rings can add glamour to your window treatments.

If rings don’t tickle your fancy, you can opt for flip-toppers. Flip-toppers is usually made up of fabric which is then used to affix the curtain to the rod. You may go for another fabric material for flip-toppers if you want to yield some contrast to your windows.

If you want to room to look more elegant and formal, consider putting a curtain that falls or even pools to the floor. Floor length curtains convey formality and elegance whereas curtains that fall a bit short of the fall has a more casual appearance.

If you want to achieve a really formal look, consider hanging the curtain starting from the ceiling height then let it fall all the way to the floor. This makes the window look at a lot taller than it really is.

Tie-back curtain treatments has a lot of styles also. They can range from the whimsical to the casual. You must have at least 2 curtain rods to achieve this treatment. You are also required to have the lace panels of the curtain to be 2 to 3 times the actual width of the window in order to achieve the tie-back lace style.

Tie-back lacing is perfect with curtains with the drapes all the way to the floor, so as to complete the elegant look.

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Posted by Sarah Moore - October 4, 2013 at 3:39 pm

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How Bamboo Roman Blinds Will Make Your House Prettier

Many of us today are leaning towards using bamboo roman blinds. And the reason why they use it? It’s pretty basic. They claim it’s fun to work with them in prettying up the windows.

Another thing that people particularly love about it is that maintaining these bamboo roman window coverings is almost hassle-free. You need not worry about messing up your house since cleaning them just needs some wiping.

Bamboo roman window treatments are available in different colors and shades so you know you have tons of options that can deliver to your discriminating taste and so that you are guaranteed that you’re using window treatments that will mix well with the rest of your house décor.

Roman blinds that are composed of bamboo can be bought in myriads of styles, from small matchstick style to basic flat blinds that are pretty much the same with the traditional blinds. But before you choose any style or color, try making use of sheets or cloth that are of the same color in order to help you imagine or give you even a slight idea how the blinds will look when put up on your windows.

If you want to give your bamboo window blinds that elegant feel, put on some bamboo valance and tie the edges with a pretty cloth to get that more sophisticated feel.

Bamboo roman blinds are popular for the fact that they are lightweight and installing them is actually so easy you can do it yourself. Since these woman blinds are made out of bamboo, it allows some sunlight to enter a little bit since complete blocking of the sunlight is not very healthy.

Nevertheless, if you want total light control or complete blackout during the daytime, you can put on some thick and heavy curtains at the back of the bamboo blinds.

With some creativity, you can make a very attractive home space. If you want to give oomph to your house and want to give it a healthy look along with a trouble-free maintenance, opt for bamboo roman blinds.

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The Beauty of Plastic Mini Blinds

Among the main features that make plastic mini blinds outstand others is that it can be fitting for any type of environment. Plastic is known to be water-resistant, adjustable and very sturdy. So if you want some window shutters for your home, you may always go for plastic mini blinds.

Plastic mini blinds aren’t just practical, but they are also very stylish, considering they are available in different colors if you’re looking to color coordinate the things in a certain space in the house. Plastic mini blinds are ideal for either thin or wide window frames and can be a beautiful finishing touch. In rooms like the bathroom or bedrooms in which privacy is required, plastic mini blinds can be great choice.

If you can spend more for your window blinds, you can find any kinds that are worth every penny. First is the electric powered blind which you can manipulate using just a touch of button, just like remote controlled window shades. Another thing that makes them perfect is the great control over levels of light.

Windows can be used to control temperatures at home. A house that has no window coverings or blinds have higher chances to lose more heat in the winter and have higher cooling costs in the summer. The plastic mini blinds give a better protection against the weather. Additionally, they are quite less expensive than other window treatments like shutters. They are also very easy to install, even people who are not really handy can do the installation on their own.

If you want some window treatments that are reasonably priced for the revamp of your home, effortlessly customizable, easy to work around with and needs minimal effort for cleaning, then plastic mini blinds will suit you. And considering they are one of the most popular window treatments in the market today, there are myriads to choose from and they can be tailored to fit any window frame usually with no further costs.

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Vertical Blinds For Your Windows

When you want window treatments for your office, home or commercial building, then you should consider opting for vertical blind. They are great in enhancing the beauty of your windows, and they are popular for large windows. Vertical blinds have become more and more popular and it serves for different purposes, such as window covers, decorative accents or room dividers. Here are tips before buying:

Pick the right material. The most common materials used in vertical blinds are PVC, fabric or fabric insert. Recently, PVC technology has been improving vastly; hence you will observce smooth or rich textured look.  If you want light filtering, fabric or fabric free hung would be the perfect choice. They do not close tightly when you rotate them shut. They have weighty bottom, so they remain well secured if you have windy atmosphere.

Have your budget fixed. Before you have them installed, set your budget. Their prices differ based on different factors such as material, style, and brand, among many others. Say, wooden blinds are more expensive than vertical blinds. Overall blinds are affordable, but it depends on your requirements and preferences.

You must match with measurements. Regardless of the kind of vertical blinds you opt for, see to it that it is covering the full length of your window or wall. To know the precise measurement, measure the old blinds that you already have. Bear in mind that if the blinds leave few inches, sunlight can sneak through the gap. Also, it is best to steer clear of over-sized blinds since they could cause damage to the wall by putting scratch because of weighty bottom.

Pick your color. This is yet another significant factor when you pick the perfect blinds for your window. It is best to stay away dark colored vertical blinds since the room or home will look dark. The perfect shades would be light pink, light blue and light green. White is also an extremely popular choice.

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