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Classy and Natural – Wooden Blinds

Every time I think of purchasing new pillows for the couch or accents for the coffee table, I have to stop and think “now, will this go with my curtains?” If I cannot answer that question, I don’t leave the store with that item. If only I could switch up my window treatments as often as I want to re-do my living room.

There are so many options out there for window treatments. If you’re going for classy, sleek, natural or cozy, consider adding wooden blinds to your environment. Wood is typically associated with nature and thus can cozy up a room in a heartbeat, but it has also recently gained a reputation of classiness, making it oh so trendy.

Besides their natural beauty, there are many other advantages of using wooden blinds. Wooden blinds are very convenient, because they simply require a good dusting now and then rather than washing. And with their slats pulled down, wooden blinds can offer maximum sun protection. They are more durable than other varieties of blinds, and are made of sturdy materials that will look nice and new even after years of use.

There are different materials used in the manufacturing of wooden blinds such as fabrics, plastics and faux wood. Bass wood is a very popular material for wooden blinds. Depending on the style you choose, you could finally stop asking yourself “will this go with my curtains?”

There are different kinds of wooden blinds available on the market such as vertical blinds, woven blinds, mini blinds, etc. Each of these varieties caters to different surroundings and needs. If you have an odd sized or shaped window, then you might consider opting for ‘made to measure’ services. This ensures that you will get the best fitting for your blinds.

Curtains may be a price effective option at the moment, but do consider the countless designs, colors, and arrangements that would go well with wooden blinds for years to come. Available in various price ranges – choose the variety that best suits your budget and needs.

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Do Your Windows Need Curtains?

You can tell curtains and draperies apart simply because curtains are  not lined, composed of lighter fabric, and manipulated using sliding tabs, sewn tunnels, or rings along a rod. Draperies, on the other hand, are typically lined, have thicker fabric, and manipulated using a draw cord device that connects to the fabric with hooks.

Curtains are usually designed with sheer or lace curtains on a rod at the back of draperies to screen the view from the inside and the outside of a room. You can also draw a half-curtain over the bottom part of a window if you’re looking for privacy while the remaining part paves way for light entrance or a view of the outside.

Majority of homeowners choose curtain designs that do without draperies. As a replacement, you can make use of other window treatments like valances, bottom curtains, or even tie-back curtains. These curtain styles and designs can give off a vintage vibe with the help of classic ruffled white sheers or you can get that country feel with creamy muslin. If you love the modern look, you can have contemporary panels with big metal grommets that thread onto the rod and give off a columnar effect by means of pushing the panels to the sides.

If you are rooting for the thermal effectiveness of pleated shades or the efficiency of blinds in controlling light, but you’re not a big fan of the ‘Spartan’ feel it gives off, modify it by using curtain panels on each side to somehow give it a softer look. You can also put a cloth or covered-wood valance from corner to corner. Or, you can utilize swag curtains that cover delicately above a rod and fall shorter on one side than the other. You can choose the color of your window treatments in accordance with other décor in your house, such as the throw pillows.

Always remember that it’s your place you’re decorating so don’t easily get intimidated by change. From time to time, come up with something different for the look of your home and make your windows more attractive. Curtains will absolutely help you to achieve that goal.

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