Taking Your Window Treatments To A New Level

Windows act as the eyes of the home. It lets you see the outside world and at the same time gives style to the home’s décor. The following ideas will help give oomph to your window treatments.

Button embellishments give emphasis to your window treatments. They give edge to your traditional window treatments. Sewing retailer or craft stores have an assortment of beautiful buttons. You can find different styles, themes, and colors. Opt for ones which completely blend with the drapery colors in the room. Put these button embellishments several inches apart toward the bottom of your window treatments, working your way up.

Furthermore, vintage dresser scarves give a touch of elegance to your window treatment. Before, they just protect the tops of long dressers. Now, they can now be transformed into a scarf valance. The length makes it perfect, and they have a classy appeal.

To have that vintage dresser scarf, you should install a posh café rod. After installing it, play around with draping or wrapping the scarf to get a nice-looking valance. You can purchase vintage scarves from resale shops, consignment shops, and at yard sales.

Glass beading is also an outstanding window treatment option. You could make use of glass beads to produce your own window treatment. You can buy them in almost all discount or craft stores.

After picking the beads that you want, creating the window treatment will be simple. You just have to use heavy invisible thread or fishing line and string the beads onto the thread. It must be long enough for your window. Have each beaded string hung from a cafe rod. Continue making strands of beads up to the point that the bead curtain is wide enough that you can place it on the window.

Obviously, window treatments aren’t always be prepackaged and ready-to-use. These are just only a few of the many ideas you might want to consider when beautifying your windows. Squeeze out your creative juices and create customize looks that will make your homes prettier than ever!

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