Tropical Theme Window Treatments for Tampa: Choosing the Right Blinds and Shades

Article by Artistic Windows Inc.

Tampa, Florida is known for its wonderful produce of oranges, as well as their hot, tropical summer climate. Some folks love the Florida weather so much that they’d want to keep the whole tropical feel all year round. One way of doing this is to have tropical theme window treatments for your home. A beach feel is relaxing, warm, and easily achievable, given the right set of shutters, curtains, blinds, and other types of window treatment for your Tampa home.

Bamboo is the most commonly used material for the tropical look. However, it can get expensive. If you have the budget to use bamboo as your base material, then do so by all means. But if you do not have that much money to spare, don’t worry. You don’t have to compromise your vision just to save money. You can still achieve the bamboo look by putting in some work to have a cornice. A cornice is the uppermost section of moulding above your door or window. Making a bamboo cornice makes your window unique-looking with the beachy look you’re after.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of bamboo you’ll be putting up your windows, you can go for a stained bamboo curtain rod. This type of curtain is very suitable for Tampa homes with bigger sized windows. You can play with sheer, or light-colored draperies to couple it with the bamboo rod curtain. Dark shades of curtain and draperies are not a good idea because it rarely complements well with the look of the bamboo. You can also go for Hawaiian print drapes if bright colors are part of your theme.

Beach-themed curtain prints give a more specific look to your home. A typical summer home in Tampa shouldn’t be complete without some sort of beach element in the room. Choose designs with seashells or waves. Add a few accents here and there to complete the whole look. You can put actual shells by the window of use a surfboard as a display item. But it’s best to keep it subtle so as not to overwhelm the house (and your guests).

For people who prefer blinds over curtains, choose brighter colored ones to liven up the room. Solar shades are quite practical for Tampa because they give great control over the amount of light coming in the house, and they are actually a lot easier to maintain as compared to curtains and shades. And, solar shades have the advantage of giving any room a softer feel. Special shades like those from Hunter Douglas’ collection are designed to keep harmful UV rays out of the room for better safety and temperature regulation in the room. You can try the Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman shades. It’s modern and suitable for the tropical theme. Look for window treatment service companies in Tampa that distribute Hunter Douglas products.

Small details like tropical themed beddings and interior design motifs of a room unify the whole look. Floral prints, pastel colors, and bright hues are god options for bedding designs. Fill your Tampa bedroom home with vibrant colored sheets and bed spreads. You can opt for wild prints like palm trees and wild flowers for the kids’ playroom or bedroom. But remember not to overdo it. If you use graphic or printed beddings and interior design, choose window treatments with smaller details. You can even leave shutters bare.

Other important considerations when choosing the window treatment for your Tampa home is privacy, room size, and time you’re willing to put in for its maintenance. Integrate your tropical theme with these three important factors to keep aesthetic and functionality well-balanced.

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