Vertical Blinds as a Window Treatment

There are a vast amount of options when it comes to window treatments like curtains, blinds shutters etc, however it comes down to what you require in terms of personal preference, design and what you personally think would fit nicely within your home that would also complement your current interior decoration. The days have gone now where curtains are used as window treatments and who knows could potentially come back in fashion, however in the meantime the popular options is vertical blinds.

Most homeowners go with vertical blinds for the function and other advantages they provide. For example a study was done to see how much blinds could reduce the chances of your home being burgled. It was noted that the chances of being burgled were dramatically reduced due to blinds making it harder for thieves to view into the property and pick items to steal.

From a security point of view for a homeowner this could be a great addition to a home. Strangely enough a lot of people don’t realize that it can help with you energy bills as well, the thickness of blinds can help keep heat in the home reducing the amount of gas or electric you use.

Vertical blinds are also brilliant for the control of light into a property as the function allows them to be shifted vertically and around on their own individual spindle allowing you to direct light into a room in the direction you prefer. If you have windows that are fairly high and problematic to reach then there are additional feature that can be added to vertical blinds like a motor that can be remote controlled. This will allow you to control the function of the blinds with a remote without having to worry about being able to reach the window itself.

Vertical blinds do come in a number of options from colour, size, style and they can be modified in their function as well.

For example you could have a patterned vertical blind which is also remote controlled, this will provide you with uniqueness but you have to be very careful here as the blinds will have to match your decor so choose wisely. Most homeowners tend to go with plain cream or white blinds as these tend to go with most decors in homes.

As above there are so many options and you really should do your research to ensure you know what you need. The main reason is that the outlay blinds is not cheap and you have to be exact on what you require as mistakes can be very costly to rectify. The important factor of having blinds installed is to ensure you get measurements absolutely correct as to have these modified can cost you a lot of money. It is strongly advisable to have your fitter come along and do the measurements themselves making them responsible for any problems that occur with the fitting. It always easy to deal with blinds when fitting in a straight line the issue comes when you have bay windows or other oddly shaped windows.

Mithul Mistry is writing on behalf of New Blinds, specialists in Vertical Blinds.