What are ideas for window treatments for slider windows?

Question by remodeler: What are ideas for window treatments for slider windows?
I had 3 double-hungs replaced with a 3-lite slider (stationery middle lite); 111 inches wide from trim to trim edge. Installation included putting molding on the inside edge that prevents inside mount of any window treatment. I want privacy at night, but everything as open as possible during the day. If I had drapes, there’s very little room at outer edges for them to hang when open (because of sconce lights right next to window woodwork) — and they would block the side of the window that opens. Suggestions?

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Answer by norman7774
There are not many options if I read your question correctly.

a) My favorite and what I have always had are plantation shutters.. a bit pricey but beautiful.

b) the roll up/down blinds that they have now at various places to includes Lowe’s and Home Depot are made of a beautiful bamboo, or other like materials and in various shades of color mostly in the beige… These fit INSIDE the window well and not the outside which might work for you.. when you want to raise the window treatment(shade I think is the name), you pull the cord until it rolls itself up and catches.. then to lower, pull to one side(the cord) and lower the treatment to whatever level you want

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