What are some good kitchen window treatment ideas?

Question by Mina: What are some good kitchen window treatment ideas?
I want tips on how to get the most from windows since they are a long-term investment.

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Answer by Lady in Florida
I am very fond of the 2 inch faux wood blinds. They can cut them to fit your window at no extra charge. What I like most about them is they are very easy to clean. I put them in the bathtub with some Oxyclean and hot water and even the draw cords are like new. They give you total control of the light. Then you can add a valance over the top to make them more decorative if you want.

In most kitchens the windows are treated with fairly frilly curtains. I used a tailored valance in my latest kitchen just to be a little bit different, and it has a gathered lining (custom made) http://jansseninteriors.blogspot.com/ (the very first photo)

The most important thing to keep in mind for kitchen curtains is that they get dirty, and should be machine washable if you want them to last. Most are not very expensive.

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