What treatment I should take for my old door, window frames?

Question by Chad: What treatment I should take for my old door, window frames?
My doors and windows are all kinda natural maple wood color. Now they looks pretty old with a lot of dust. I want to clean them up, and apply some kinda transparent paint or something to make them look nice. I don’t want to apply some other color, because I do like the natural wood color. Can someone help me on what steps I should take, what type of paint, stain or other stuff I need to use?

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Answer by Online Blinds

The best thing to do with them in my view is to seal any knots, fill the cracks and holes, prime and paint them as per your wish.Choosing your paint wisely will determine how well it will last and wear. Whether to use latex or oil-based, alkyds or acrylics depends on the surface to be covered, the conditions it will face, and any base paint underneath.So select the paint type as per the requirements.

The alternate solution is you can go for the wooden blinds.Due to the comfort factor people are extensively using wooden blinds for their windows. The curtains are losing out in the race as they have to be regularly changed and cleaned. In terms of wooden blinds it has to be said that they require least cleaning.

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