Why are my new replacement windows sweating?

Question by momof3: Why are my new replacement windows sweating?
my windows are about 2 years old and have done this since they were installed mostly in the winter months.

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Answer by beverlydesigner

Yes, it’s true that your windows are sweating because of the differential between the inside temperature and the outside. It means that your windows do not leak around the place where they meet the wall but what most homeowners do not know is that there is still heat loss through the glass no matter if it is single, double or triple glazed. This is because heat transmission is conductive not convective…so no matter how many layers of glass you have, when the warm air hits it, that warm air will want to escape through the glass and will eventually do so. Warm air always travels towards cooler, never the other way around.

Here’s what you need to do in order to avoid damage to your new windows. You must get rid of the sweating problem or else the condensate will ruin the window frame and potentially cause problems in your wall if the seeping occurs for a season or longer.

Window treatments are the only answer to this problem but they must be constructed properly in order for them to do their job.
1) Install a shade (cellular preferably) on the inside of the window frame if possible with gaps no larger than one-quarter inch at each side.
2) drapery panels with a return…that means that they run across the face of the window but make a 90 degree turn back to the wall and are secured by a hook so that they encapsulate the window.
3) to completely eliminate the transfer of cold air, a cornice or board mounted valance should be placed over the draperies, again this has a return to the wall

So what you’ve done here is to create a little box which isolates your windows from the room. If you are not going to put up draperies and a cornice, at least invest in some cellular shades.

Did you know that a full 1/3 of your heat escapes through your windows? And that if you have shades on your windows and use them only at night, you can save significant dollars with heating and cooling. This savings is continuous for the life of the shades, it’s not a one-time savings. They payback is huge and you will be making your home more comfortable and more attractive at the same time.

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