Window Shades

Window treatments aren’t only good-looking, but they’re pretty functional as well. One type that is currently making a buzz in the windows treatments industry window shades.

Window shades are taking the market by storm. Homeowners who opt for it claim that the functionality and style are what they’re after. Some even say that window shades have softness and comfort of curtains and rigidity and controllability of window blinds, all rolled into one.

Working around curtains and blinds can be quite tricky at times, especially when it comes to mixing and matching. Window shades come in different colors and styles, to meet your meticulous requirements and to blend well with the rest of your décor. Movable contraptions and devices are also available in the market today. It can be really helpful when you tend to close and open your shades very often.

There are different types of window shades. First one is the roller shades which are the pull-down type. They are somewhat inexpensive so you should not be expensing that the quality is very good. On the other hand, roman shades are more intricate. They typically have folded sections that are easy to operate and they are known to be efficient insulators.

Pleated shades or cellular shades are what you might need when you are looking for window treatments that are effective in blocking the sun. This type of window coverings is basic yet stylish. True enough, style meets function with this type.

If you are on the hunt for sturdy and durable window coverings, hard window shades are your best bet. They offer sufficient light control and energy-efficient as well. Artsy homeowners are raving about it, particularly those that are made out of wood or bamboo. They are very chic and unique.

If your house is already loaded with decorative treatments, you might want to pick window treatments that are simple yet sleek, just to maintain balance in your home décor.

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