Window treament color help?

Question by : Window treament color help?
I have a Caribbean teal blue color on my focus wall and the other ones are beige. I have a wall art piece that has red blue white black and purple in it. My comforter is black with accent pillows that are a teal looking blue. I need help on what color scheme would work good for the window treatments. I don’t know which one to focus on! thanks a bunch

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Answer by Ariel Love
Since your room already has a bunch of colors, I say you go with white curtains. Your room scheme seems beachy. White curtains could help finish off the clean, a super clean look that matches with all your colors nicely and polishes it off with some elegance. But if you’d rather do a color then I think you should go with the teal blue color. It all really depends on what wall the window(s) are on. If they are on the blue one then I say white 100% but if they are on the beige walls the blue might be better because the white might clash! Good luck!

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