Window treatment for these huge windows?

Question by S.O.: Window treatment for these huge windows?
I need ideas on window covering for these windows! Do they make automatic window blinds for them (probably expensive) or would custom drapes work better(who would you suggest on making them). The sun is so much lower this time of the year and the sun is blaring and I can take it anymore. What would you suggest?

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Answer by Mary
Yes, this is probably going to be expensive, depending upon what you like. But you have many options to work with. You could just have your windows tinted – this would be the least expensive.
You could also have each window treated with a shade or blind. If you went this route, I would probably choose a cellular shade because it doesn’t take much stack, the controls are in front instead of on the sides so you don’t have large light gaps on the sides. In my opinion, the very best treatment for these windows is full drapery that stacks on the walls. I would make them to the ceiling on a beautiful decorative rod that traverse to the right (left windows) and to the left (right windows) and meet in the corner. You could choose either a neutral fabric or go bold and add a punch of color to the room. You will have to decide whether to lose the light or lose the window with the stack, however, unless you move the sconces farther outward on the wall. If the drapery stacks on the wall and clears the windows, you will lose the sconces when drapery is closed. OR as is, you will lose part of the window to stack to keep the sconces in play. I would definitely move the sconces out away from the window and stack on the wall. It would be very dramatic even when not in use.

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