Window treatment ideas?

Question by Samantha: Window treatment ideas?
We bought a new house couple months ago and the house has 13 windows, it’s crazy and we decided to buy some roman blinds for the rooms that way we don’t have to put up any curtains and bought some white wood blinds for the livingroom, family room and kitchen area. Now I was thinking about putting valance ( I think that’s what they’re called, the top part only) over the bay window and maybe some light curtains on the rest of the windows. I wanted some ideas, also can you leave it alone and not put any curtains since we have these nice wood blinds or its must to cover them up? The hardest thing is the bay window so far..

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Answer by Morgan
One of the newest trends in design is to leave the windows uncovered! It lets light in & is very uncluttered. The only rule is that you only leave windows open where people aren’t looking in on you. So if your bathroom or bedroom faces the street or your neighbor’s yard–then cover those up. (Frosted windows look cool in bathrooms. You can buy sheets of window “frosting” at any hardware store. It’s easy to put on.)

Just do standard flatĀ panelĀ curtains in a really great fabric. You can easily make your own curtains even if you don’t sew using hot glue or heming tape & an iron.

If you can, leave the bay window open. They’re so pretty!

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